Human Growth Hormone

written by Nanono


Hormones are an important part of the health of the human body.

Hormones are constructed out of amino acids and are what you would call proteins. Hormones are used to relay signals throughout the body. It is important for the body to be able to commune with all the billions of cells it consist off. The body needs to be able to control the cells in the body so they will work together in synergy and hormones are used for this purpose. For instance insulin is a hormone that is used by the body to signal to the cells that they should ingest sugar from the blood. If one is having diabetes type 1 then the body is not able to produce insulin and the cells are not able to take up sugar and the body becomes sick. It is important for the body to have this internal messenger system that can interact with all the cells. There exist many different types of hormones in the body and they are produced in different glands throughout the body. Cells will have receptors in their membranes that interact with the hormones and this start a chain of signaling within the cell. The cell signaling can cause many different responses within the billions of cells within the body. It is a very complex system that is used to make sure the body stays healthy. For instance if one is doing exercise, the body will change the amount of some hormones within the body and this will tell the cells in the body to adapt to the physiological changes that are needed. If the body is stressed other hormones will be released that are called stress hormones and these will induce physiological changes within the body referred to as stress. Stress will result in increased heartbeat, higher blood pressure, suppression of the immune system and increased sugar levels in the blood just to name a few.


There is an intricate system in the body to monitor and keep track with the different levels of hormones. It is important for the body to be able to control the levels of hormones within because this affects how the body behaves in certain situations. There are different ways for the body to down regulate or up regulate the amount of hormones and this is controlled from the brain. There is an important hormone system called the endocrine system. This consists of different glands that secrete hormones directly into the bloodstream. The glands can store hormones and release them when they are triggered to do so by the nervous system. The glands in the brain are hypothalamus, pineal and pituitary glands. Then there is the thyroid in the neck area and then the internal organs; the liver, kidney, pancreas, adrenals, duodenum and stomach. In the groin area are the glands from the reproductive system; the testes for men and ovary for females.

It is important to understand that within our brain sits these small glands the pituitary, pineal and hypothalamus. They react to stimuli from the brain and release hormones that enter the blood and are transported with the blood to other parts of the body. The pituitary excretes hormones that affect other glands in the body and is often referred unto as the master gland. Different stimuli of the neurons in the brain trigger different hormones to be released. That is why it is important to try and have one’s mind waves flow in a rhythm that sustains the health of the body. If one get mind bend due to karma, the neurons in the brain fire in a different way and this can trigger a lot of responses in the body that can make one sick. There is a certain flow of mind waves in different evolutionary stages. This translates into changing the way the mind waves flow when on rise in vibration. That is why it can be difficult to rise into a new higher vibration because the pattern one used to be accustomed unto changes into something new and one has to find one’s balance with a new way of running the mind waves. Mind waves can be manipulated by others and this will affect the firing of the neurons in the brain. It is sad but yet common to experience a shattering of the mind waves and this translates into one feeling confused, tired, depressed or suicidal. If one sits in a difficult mind bend for too long this will affect the glands in the brain and they will send signals to other parts of the body that will hold the negative charge. That is why it is so important to do the best one can to manage one’s own mind waves. It is to be avoided to be mind bend to an extreme however sometimes one end up in a karmic encounter and is shattered extensively. If this happens then it is important to figure out the karma, forgive the karma and bring oneself back into the best possible mind waves. On the other hand one can experience bliss if the mind waves motion in the right pattern. This is a sought after mind wave motion and many of Annanuki ancestry will try and take the karma to experience bliss from light workers. Mind waves of bliss motions in a special pattern that also rejuvenate the body due to the triggering of human growth hormone release from the pituitary gland.  



Human growth hormone

Human growth hormone is a hormone that stimulates rejuvenation and regeneration of cells in the body. It is involved in keeping the blood glucose levels at its proper levels not to mention that it helps in the maintenance of bones, stimulation of the immune system and building of muscles. It is produced in the pituitary gland in the brain and is released into the blood to be transported throughout the body. The level of this hormone is greater in teenagers and fall as one mature and it is part of the reason we are not able to regenerate our body as we grow older. The production in the body is also affected by many physiological stimulators like exercise, nutrition, sleep, food and stress. Stress hormones can affect the level of growth hormone and interfere with the rejuvenation of the body. It is important to pay attention unto the effect stress hormones has on the overall health of your body. Most often we don’t even acknowledge that we are stressed. If one finds oneself in a difficult karmic habitat in life the levels of stress hormone goes up and this influences the level of human growth hormones that decrease. It is perceived that one can end up relaying on stress hormones to keep the body going. This works for a while but it wears out the body and the body has a hard time rejuvenating. It is best to be conscious about this and if one finds that one craves coffee, chocolate or other stimulants, that stimulate the adrenals to release stress hormones into the blood, to keep going it might be time to stop up and think about a solution. We can be conned by dark forces to believe that the only way to survive is by using stress hormones to survive. However this is not true and if one chose it, it is possible to rely on human growth hormone instead to survive. There is a bunch of machines and programming to let the body go into a death oriented way of living and this is what we do when we accept stress hormones to manage the body. It is recommended to intend to release all karma and thought forms for why stress hormones are the dominant way of managing out body. It is a dream for death that we hook into and the body follows along and ages more than it should do in the process. It is far better to intend to have human growth hormone be the master controller of the body. When we are caught up in nemesis dreaming it is a dream for death so to speak and this spill into our body and tells it to go extinct and use the stress hormones to manage the body. If one wants to support the body through nemesis clearing it is a wise choice to aid the body in lowering the levels of stress hormones and aid the levels of human growth hormones. How is this done? It is important to figure out a way to lover the levels of stress. There are several ways to do this. One is to do yoga, tai chi, qi gong or other body systems that helps lower the amount of stress hormones. It is also important to look within and figure out what stresses oneself. Is it fear of not having enough dreams to subsist? Is it fear of poverty, abuse, violence or other emotions that increase the amount of stress hormones? Nemesis clearing, even though it takes place during dreamtime pushes the physical body into producing more stress hormones.

If one doesn’t know how to do yoga, tai chi or qi gong it can be of assistance to take a walk in nature and intending to push oneself into a dream of joy and happiness. When the body sits in a joyful dream the stress hormones stop working and this aid the body in producing more growth hormone. Also exercise boosts the level of growth hormone and so this can be an important way to rejuvenate the body. Growth hormone is released during deep sleep and so it is important to try and get a good night sleep as often as possible. It is a good intention before falling asleep at night is to produce as much as possible of growth hormone in the body during sleep. Unfortunately there are demons that know that growth hormones are produced during deep sleep and they will try and push your body to not get a good night sleep. Demons are not interested in one rejuvenating and finding one’s way back to health. Demons prefer the vibrations of stress and the emotions associated. Intend to release all karma for why demons are allowed to decide over one’s physical body. Demons are not supposed to decide over one’s life but unfortunately this can happen. Demons will push one into the vibrations of death, anger, mutilation and lust to make sure one is dying. Some of these demons are controlled by other forces that don’t want one to run light and rejuvenate.

Gurus tend to work with demons in order to strip for themselves. The demons are used by the guru to strip dream, chi, power and life force. The Annanuki family uses the same principals and strip light workers to have more rejuvenation for their own gain. It appears that Merduk saw how ancient humans of grand master inheritance had capabilities he would like to have for himself. Grand masters were humans with large heads and vast knowledge of self-development. They were very aware and knew many ways to rejuvenate the body and mind. Many light workers today will have ancestry to grand masters and experience to be shattered by Merduk that are scavenging their information on how to light infuse and rejuvenate the body. It is time to forgive this karma and move forward. It is time to stop the act of self-destruction one sits within and master regeneration concepts again. It is time to complete with guru and Annanuki humans that strip one of life force and in return give on a dream for death. The dream for death calls a dream for elevated stress hormones into the body and eventually this will kill oneself. Gurus will never let go of information on how to rejuvenate the body. If they do they will not be able to stay healthy and will die. Therefore they will keep using demons to shatter the light workers that rightfully should have this information. It is time to take a stand and take back what belongs to oneself and choosing a dream for life.  


Higher levels of growth hormone can trigger the levels of certain neurotransmitters in the brain that control one’s mood. If one find oneself sitting in depression it is likely that the body doesn’t produce enough human growth hormone in order to feel happy. The state of depression is difficult to sit within. It is a dark dream to end life and should be avoided whenever possible. If one is stuck in difficult dark karma and has ended up in depression it is time to steer the body in the opposite direction. How do you get the body out of depression? First one has to clear the karma for why one is depressed but if one has been stuck for a while in depression the body has adapted to this state of being and the brain tells the body to produce hormones associated with depression. If this is the case it is not enough to clear the karma one also has to support the body to change the balance of neurotransmitters and hormones within that support life. There exist supplements that support the body into making more neurotransmitters that support joy and happiness. These are 5-HTP, mucuna, St johns worth amongst some of them. Also rhodiola, ginseng, maca, mangostan, gotu kola, maitake and reishi help the body.    

Those that have the information from the grand masters know how to manage their body and by applying old techniques of body rejuvenation they are able to more consciously control the amount of growth hormone their body produces. It takes practice to learn to consciously control the functions of the body. However this is one way of learning to rejuvenate the body and staying healthy. Yoga holds information on how to get in touch with the body and manage it more consciously. Doing different poses with the body in yoga will affect the glands and the brain and this in turn affect the level of different neurotransmitters as well as how the mind waves flow. Also doing breathing exercises can have the same influence of rejuvenating the body. A few humans master to change parameters like pulse, sweat, heat and release of hormones just by intending it. Some of those mastering this are yogis and monks but unfortunately this mastery has been stolen by Annanuki human as well. The Annanuki humans are then able to control their body with information that is not truly theirs. It is time to take back all information to control one’s own physical body and learn to master techniques to renew. There is a possibility to learn to control one’s production in the body of growth hormone. This method has been used by many grand masters that mastered to stay healthy.

Another way to aid the body is by fasting. Fasting lowers the level of glucose in the blood and this release growth hormone. On the other hand, stress hormones increase the levels of glucose in the blood and has he opposite effect by decreasing growth hormone. Diets rich in carbohydrates like potatoes, white rice, pasta or white bread will also decrease the amount of growth hormone in the body. This is due to the fact that Insulin lowers the level of growth hormone and insulin levels go up when one eats carbohydrates.




There is much to understand about how the human body regulates itself. When one understand more about how the body works it is also easier to understand how to manage the body and help it in whatever direction needed. If one finds oneself in a difficult circumstance in life and one sits in this dark dream for an extended period it will have an impact on the body as well as the mind. The body and the mind are interconnected and a problem in the mind will affect the body as well as a problem in the body will have an impact on the mind.

Sometimes it takes being caught in a dark dream to realize karma that interferes in one’s life. Sitting in a dark dream or clearing difficult karma eventually affect the health of the body and can make one sick. It is not always easy to see oneself is caught in a dark dream, more often, one slowly becomes engulfed by it and becomes trapped. It is even harder to come out of a dark dream again because so many non-physical forces want to stop light workers from the job they agreed to before birth. It is time to step out of the dark dreams one sit within and chose a dream for life and renewal.

It appears that when one falls into a dark dream or sits in nemesis clearing, that this affects the hormonal system as well as the mind waves. In the dark dream one end up with the wrong hormones to manage the body. One can end up using stress hormones released by the adrenals to drive the body. This might work for a while but eventually it will weaken the body and one will become ill. Therefore it is better to understand that there exist another system to manage the body and this uses human growth hormone instead to rejuvenate and renew the body. Human growth hormone doesn’t wear out the body and it is really what one should rely upon for one’s health. If one find oneself stressed it is time to become aware of this and try and release the karma for why one is sitting in a stressful dream. Eventually as one clear the karma one can step into a new dream of rejuvenation and health.

The biggest problem is to reverse the body from being managed by stress hormones into being managed by renewal hormones. If one craves stimulants like coffee, sugar, chocolate and carbohydrates it can be a sign that one has a problem. The best thing to do is to remove all demons that sit within the body and pushes one into a dream for extinction and intend to anchor a dream for more renewal to arrive in life. In the physical in can be necessary to change the diet as well as doing exercise and get enough sleep. Also yoga, tai chi or qi gong are ways to reduce the stress hormones within and anchor more renewal for oneself. If one needs assistance the Tibetan ancestors are more than welcome to come through and assist when needed. All light workers are needed at this time to help the planet and anchor a dream for light and enlightenment. There is blessing from the Tibetan ancestors to all that chose to walk a difficult path of anchoring light within and without. If one sits in meditation it is possible to call on our help and support. We bless you and honor you and will try and help you release more growth hormone into your body.      





Blessings from the Tibetan Ancestors

And Nanono




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